The Rescue was formed in late 1984 by members concerned about the growing number of purebred dogs appearing in pounds and animal shelters.

The dogs we rescue must all be of sound temperament and able to adapt to a new family. We try to keep each dog for at least one week for observation, to determine if it is housebroken, timid, if it barks excessively, and whether it would be more suitable for a family of children or for an adult-only home.

Most of our dogs come from dog pounds, although we do sometimes take owners dogs. All our dogs are spayed or neutered and inoculated (excluding rabies). We have their teeth cleaned, if needed, and provide any necessary medical treatment.

All adopters must submit to screening. They must have a safe area for the dog, be home most of the time, and be willing to commit to the dog for its lifetime. Sometimes, we will not place a dog if there are very young children in the home. This is a safety precaution, for both the children and the dog.

We also ask new owners to sign our adoption form, which states that the Edmonton Kennel Club will reclaim the dog if it does not prove to be suitable.

Our adoption fees are nominal,used to defray medical and other costs.
Our group depends on donations from individuals and the generosity of dog-based businesses. We accept all kinds of donations, including dog food and blankets.

The committee chair is:
Anita Johnston
Tel: (780) 963-6990