General Information

A source for Canadian canine event information

The dog fanciers’ site

Dog Activities

Agility Association of Canada
Includes local clubs and upcoming events

North American Flyball Association
Includes club locator

Dog Sports and Clubs: Lure Coursing
Guide to lure coursing

Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta
Offers Canine Good Citizen tests and training for pet therapy


Veterinary Genetics Lab
At UC Davis

Health Information

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Official site of the veterinary profession in Canada

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society
Information on treatments and subsidization

Kennel Clubs

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

Alberta Kennel Club

Australian National Kennel Club

The Kennel Club
The original, British Kennel Club

The biggest dog show of them all

Magazines about Dogs

Dog Fancy

Dog World


Dog Works
Dog Works sells various dog supplies, including dog carts and harnesses
(their specialty). They offer a free catalog.


Handicapped Pets
Info and supplies for handicapped dogs.